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John M. Provorse - (Structures Engineer) President & Founder DER Associates - Mr. Provorse is an Aircraft and Helicopter Structures Engineer, as well as a retired Structures DER. He holds a B.S.M.E. from Oklahoma State University and M.S.M.E. from the Wichita State University. His experience extends to over 41 years and includes employment at Beechcraft, Boeing, Cessna, and Learjet.  Mr. Provorse is a licensed private pilot and has been a member of ASME for over 43 years.
Jocy Prochaska - (Configuration Manager / STC/PMA Administrator / Office Manager)                Ms. Prochaska holds a Bachelors of Science degree from Southwestern College specializing in Human Resources and Business.  She has accumulated over 300 hundred credit hours at various colleges and also holds an Associates degree in Accounting from Central Business College.  She has been working in the aircraft industry for over 20 years and handles our Configuration, and Office Management requirements, as well as our STC/PMA issues.

DER Associates has numerous DERs, & DARs on staff in our area and around the U.S. to bring you (the customer) the exact skill set you are looking for to complete your modification and repair. Our DERs hold many different disciplines from (Structures, Fuels, Electrical, Mechanical, Software, Interior, etc.).  We have several RS DERs on staff also to help with those Repair Specifications, so feel free to call for help on both aircraft and helicopters.  We will set you up with the appropriate DER or DAR in our office, just give us a ring.