Frequently Asked Questions What is an FAA DER?

A DER (Delegated Engineering Representative) is a delegate of the FAA ACO, authorized to perform certain functions on behalf of the FAA Engineering ACO, reference FAA Order 8110.37E, and 14 CFR FAR 183.

These delegates are granted the authority to find compliance to FAR’s and approve certain data by the execution of a FAA Form 8110.3 What are our qualifications?

Our DER’s have been reviewed and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and delegated authority based upon their “Experience, Training, and Integrity” in their respective delegation areas. Each DER attends annual mandatory “Recurrent” training courses, to stay current with regulatory requirements, and to maintain currency in their delegated areas. Our DER’s were former engineers with major Aerospace corporations.

Fürstenwalde Can FAA DER’s Perform Internationally?

In accordance with FAA Order 8110.37C, Section 609, and Order 8110.47 an appropriately delegated DER can perform activities for foreign FAR 145, facilities and non-US registered aircraft using the special procedure set forth in section 609, 8110.47 and any Bi-Lateral maintenance with those CAA’s where the aircraft is registered. Pre-approval is required by the cognizant FAA ACO, and/or FAA AIR-4 if applicable the cognizant CAA.

El Fasher What does PMA stand for?

PMA stands for Parts Manufacturer Approval, it allows you to replace and modify parts for installation on a type certificated product.

Can a foreign company obtain a PMA?

The answer is simply no. The FAA does not allow Foreign Companies to obtain PMAs at this time.

What is an RS DER?

RS DER’s approve Repair Specifications for organizations and companies in accordance with 8110.37E. If your organization uses Repair Specifications to complete repairs for aircraft you should check into this new rule with us or your local PMI.

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